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Placements :: Proposed Placement Of Up To 226.5m New Ordinary Shares And Lodgment Of Offer Information Statement

BackMay 15, 2015
Announcement Title Placements
Announcement Subtitle Proposed Placement of Up to 226.5M New Ordinary Shares and Lodgment of Offer Information Statement
Date & Time of Broadcast May 15, 2015 17:12
Submitted By Pauline Lee
Joint Company Secretary
Description The information and attachment contained herein were previously announced on 14 May 2015 under "General Announcement". Please refer to the announcement thereon, reference no. SG150514OTHR5VSF.

The Board would like to inform Shareholders the following:-

(1) "Offer Price" - The Company intends to issue the Placement Shares at an issue price of S$0.95 per Placement Share. Notwithstanding, the Placement Price will be determined following the completion of the Placement Agent's book building process and to be mutually agreed between the Company and the Placement Agent taking into consideration, inter alia, the prevailing market conditions, provided that such Placement Price shall not be less than S$0.50 per Placement Share; and

(2) "New Shares Issued" - the Company will issue up to 226,500,000 Placement Shares.

The Company shall announce the "Offer Price", the number of "New Shares Issued" and the "Capital Amount - New" after these have been determined.
Capital Amount - Old USD 1,546,171,000.00
Capital Amount - New USD 1,708,690,000.00
Number of Existing Outstanding Shares 2,170,120,082
New Shares Issued 226,500,000
Offer Price SGD 0.95


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